Our New Summer Spa Package!


“Four for Three” 

Announcing The Ranch’s 

Summer Spa Package 

Four Treatments for only $329 + tax

June 15 – August 30, 2013

Enjoy four 50-minute or less treatments* of your choice this summer for approximately the price of THREE! (Actual savings vary, but can be up to $91 dollars)

Upgrade Option: Choose four treatments*, including all 80- and 90-minute treatments,  (TOTAL: $529+tax).

* Shorter treatments also eligible. This offer excludes Four Hand Massage, Cooking Classes, and Therapeutic Private Sessions (Watsu, Craniosacral, Chiropractic Service, Feldenkrais, and Acupuncture).

Spa services are limited to availability; guest will be guaranteed the number of treatments in their package, but not necessarily the specific treatments of their choosing. Spa package pricing is per person, for up to seven continuous days.

Some restrictions apply. Prices can change without notice. Mexican tax (11%) is not included in these prices.  

Yoga Backbend Workshop with Hazel

hazelI’ve been coming to the ranch for almost a year now and surprisingly I have never taken one of Hazel’s classes before. Not because I didn’t want to, but we always seem to be here on different days. Anyway, I need to get with be program because she was great!

The class was more of a workshop on yoga backbends, something that I’ve been struggling with (we’ll get to that later), but it surprised me in many different ways. First I’ve always thought of backbends as the wheel pose, but actually there are a lot of many gentle ways to stretch the back.

With the help of the blocks there are options for those of us that may not have flexibility on our side.  For example the “supported fish” where you place one block under your upper back and another under your head and let your arms flow back which is an amazing stretch.  The next was the “supported backbend” with the block under your sacrum (between your tailbone and waist) which felt equally amazing (“like heaven” is what one person said in class). You can build up the intensity by adding another block to add more height.

Lastly, it was time for the wheel pose. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about it. I’ve attempted doing it before but number one it scares me and number two, I always feel like it hurts the middle of my back. Well, I learned a big lesson from Hazel. If you’re having any sort of pain in your back while you’re doing it, don’t push yourself. Focus on the beginner steps of squeezing your legs together as if there is a block in between them.  You will also need to increase flexibility in your shoulders and upper arms which I think is my problem.  Without the flexibility, it’s really hard for your arms to be able to support your upper body.  So now I know why I’ve always had trouble with backbends!  But my goal is to do it, so I’m currently working on creating more flexibility in my shoulders. I’ll keep you all posted on when I finally get it down!

The Japanese Facial

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I have to say that my all time favorite treatments are facials. I’m always amazed at how my skin feels after a facial, so soft! One of the new treatments at the Ranch is the Japanese Facial that focuses on Japanese massage techniques and improving circulation, which is essential for glowing skin.

The facial took place at the Villas Health Center, a beautiful building where most of the Ranch’s spa treatments are done. The Villas Health Center features sunlit hallways with beautiful Mexican art, herb and lemon infused water to cool down from the warm weather and a sauna, steam room and hot tub along with a gorgeous outside deck  on the second floor. What a serene place to relax in and receive a treatment!

Mona was my aesthetician and started out by applying the Soothing Cleanser and Purifying Face Polish by Amala. All the products by Amala smelled divine! Mona did a wonderful job, taking the time to delicately massage my face, focusing on certain massage techniques that seemed to lift my skin and were stimulating yet relaxing at the same time. Not only did my skin feel soft and smooth afterwards, but my facial muscles seemed more toned as well. The facial emphasized Japanese massage techniques, which I loved – it was my favorite part!

By the end of the facial, I felt totally relaxed and my skin was super soft with a bright glow. Mona also applied Amala’s Purifying Moisturizer, Hydrating Eye Treatment, Coola Suncare SPF 30 and Soothing Lip Balm. I felt like a million bucks afterwards.

I had the 50 minute facial, but there is also an 80 minute option with extended facial massage, eye-area treatment experience and extractions (if needed.)  I highly recommend this facial for anyone who’s looking for a gentle way to plump up, lift and brighten their skin!