About The Author

Kate Bello is Rancho La Puerta’s Social Media Specialist and Blogger.  Lover of social media mixed with healthy living, Kate is a regular on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter sharing her favorite recipes, beauty tips and daily life.  Kate currently updates Rancho La Puerta’s social media pages in addition to writing articles for the blog based on her experiences at the Ranch.  Her passions include health, nutrition, fitness, art and music.

About Rancho La Puerta

Deborah at 17

The modern-day fitness and spa vacation experience began in 1940 in a sheltered valley only an hour’s drive from San Diego, California. Here, in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, Edmond and Deborah Szekely founded the world’s first destination fitness resort and spa. Soon Rancho La Puerta became the paradigm of all multi-day “destination spa” vacations that encompass health and wellness for mind, body and spirit. An amazing program of fitness activities, healthful cuisine,luxury spa amenities, superb accommodations, and entertainment awaits you.

Our 3,000-acre property (see map) offers world-class landscaped gardens, an organic farm, internationally known cooking school, and mountainsides and meadows of great hiking and walking experiences.

Our health resort aims to help you develop a lifetime of healthy habits. Ours is a nature preserve that preserves people! The year-round climate, poised as we are in the mountains between sea and desert, is nearly perfect, with sunshine over 325 days a year. It’s even better than San Diego’s, because we don’t get coastal fog. Approximately 125 guests enjoy our classic one-week program (see sample Activities program), arriving and departing on Saturdays. A few each week stay for three or four nights only, while some may stay multiple weeks. To hear about some of their experiences—in their own words—read their recent letters here. Whatever your preference, we’re here for you.

In addition, a new program offers a one-day-visit experience (transportation included) to San Diego-area residents: “Saturdays At The Ranch” combines not only a half day of fitness and spa activities, but a long, wonderful afternoon spent in a hands-on class at our new culinary center set in the midst of our organic farm, followed by dinner. We make healthy people healthier! You’ll return home stronger, with the healthful glow and spring in your step that comes from a vacation devoted to relaxation, good eating (our cuisine is vegetarian with a fresh fish dinner option served most days), learning, and exercise.

Find your wellspring of energy in the midst of nature’s beauty, and discover how even one week at Rancho La Puerta can change your life.

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