CorePower Yoga with Bryan Sampson

photo (4)I’ve been taking a lot of CorePower Yoga classes up in San Diego recently which I really love.  Although the classes can be difficult, I always feel amazing afterwards.  When I saw that CorePower was on the schedule at the Ranch recently, I was thrilled to join!  I’ve grown to like the heated CorePower classes in San Diego. The classes at the Ranch aren’t heated, but you can also get a thorough work out at room temperature.

Bryan Sampson of CorePower Yoga at the Point Loma location in San Diego taught the class at the Ranch.  Bryan leads the Hot Power Fusion Teacher’s Training at his CorePower location.  After years of sports injuries and a spinal surgery recommendation by his doctor, Bryan turned to hot yoga and eventually fell in love with the classes at CorePower.  He found that after a dedicated yoga practice, his injuries went away, as did the need for surgery.  He’s been teaching at CorePower yoga ever since!

I loved that Bryan made the class really fun.  He has such a warm and inviting personality, so it was a delight to learn from him.  He spent a lot of time talking about the benefits of each pose and had some funny stories in between to boot.  Per a guest’s request, he played Motown 60s and 70s music for the class, instead of the traditional soft yoga music and it actually made the class go by faster!  And of course, Savasana at the end, as always felt like a dream.

The next CorePower Week at the Ranch is May 25!

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