Yoga Workshop: Ropewall with Maya

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All I could think after taking this class was, why didn’t I do this before?  If you like yoga, but are a beginner like me, the ropewall is a perfect place to start. Why? Because the rope focuses on the stretch rather than strength.  Of course strength is a hugely important part of yoga, but I have never felt a stretch like I did in the Ropewall class. It felt amazing!

Ropewall utilizes ropes to help you get the most stretch out of your pose. By using the ropes you are able to hang and stretch in ways that are difficult in traditional yoga. We did downward dog and warrior poses, but my absolute favorite was the upside down pose. I have to say, I don’t get upside down much. In fact, it’s pretty much safe to say that I rarely do anything like this. I don’t know how to do hand stands or cart wheels so my time spent with my head under my feet is well, next to never. However, it was such a cool experience to be hanging upside down from a rope. It’s hard to explain to how it felt. All my blood rushed to my brain, which felt surprisingly good. Maya, our teacher, explained that our heart works so hard pumping blood to our brain, that this upside down pose gives it a break.

The class was really fun and enlightening. Maya was great at showing us the techniques and helping us with our poses. I can’t wait to take this class again!

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