The Tabata Workout

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If you come to the Ranch to get in shape, let me recommend one thing in particular: Tabata.

Now you might be wondering what the heck Tabata is, because that’s what crossed my mind when I first heard about it. Tabata is a Japanese high intensity interval training program. 20 seconds of super high intensity cardio and weight training and then a 10 second break. Sounds like fun, right?!

Well, I know this is a shocker, but it is fun! And difficult at the same time, not going to lie. But that’s the beauty of it. The variety of exercises in the class keeps it from getting boring, and the intervals are so quick that even though it’s hard, it’s also over before you know it.  Coco does an awesome job at keeping the class fun, moving and on track. There is a lot going on with Tabata, but thankfully, it’s really easy to follow.

Did I mention that Coco plays really great music to get you pumped throughout the class? So important.  I really, really enjoyed Tabata and plan on taking it next time at the Ranch.  Plus, it gave me some ideas for doing high intensity workouts at home.  Another way to take the Ranch home!

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