Killer Cardio Muscle Blast

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I have a confession to make.  If you’ve been to the Ranch and have taken a number of the fitness classes, then I’m sure you’ve seen or used the gliders.  Basically they’re little plastic discs that you put under your hands and feet, then proceed to do push ups that work your core like no other.  I hate the gliders.  Man, they kill me!  But let’s be honest, they’re a really good workout.  And good workouts can be almost torture, but in the end I always feel better.  That was the case with Cardio Muscle Blast.  A really intense interval workout that seems like it’s never going to end, but afterwards I felt toned and tightened.  The class consists of cardio intervals mixed with strength training.  It’s a little bit like circuit training, but everyone is doing the same exercises at the same time.   Even though the class was hard it was still really fun because we all felt like we were in it together.  Our instructors Coco and JayDee did a great job at keeping us motivated.  And just when we thought we were done, out came the gliders…so I took a deep breath and faced the fact that the torture would continue.  At least we were all in this together, right?  Even Coco got down with the gliders and put all of us to shame.  In the end there was nothing sweeter than that moment right after the last rep with the gliders, actually the last rep for the whole class, knowing that I made through!  And lunch was right afterwards!  So note to self (or anyone else for that matter), if you are looking for a killer workout…look no further than the Cardio Muscle Blast down at the Ranch.

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