Imaginative Painting with Dave Zaboski

It was such a treat to be able to take this art class.  First of all, to be able to be taught by such an amazing artist was an honor.  A former Disney animator, Dave Zaboski worked on some of my favorite films from my childhood like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin.

The class was during Family Week and was open to both kids and adults.  It definitely brought me back to those feelings of summer camp when I was a kid.  The children in the class were super excited about painting and were really proud of their work which was really cute.

As an adult, I can say that this class allowed me to be creative in ways that I hadn’t been in years.  The mission of the class was to paint and draw with no end or final result in mind.  Just let the painting happen, which I’m not going to lie, was a struggle for me in the beginning.  I eventually got in the groove and actually just started having a lot of fun creating new colors and textures.

Dave was  a wonder with the kids.  He knew exactly how to talk to them at their level and the kids were enthralled with their paintings.  In fact, they were showing me techniques that Dave had taught them earlier in the week.  Plus we were all fascinated with Dave’s painting which turned out just gorgeous!

I have to say, I had such a good time in the this class with Dave and the kids.  So refreshing to just paint here at the Ranch out in the open among nature.  If you have the chance to do it, I highly recommend it!

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