TRX is a new class that is being offered here at the Ranch…if you’re in the mood for a killer workout to get toned, this is the class for you.  TRX basically involves two straps either for both your hands or your feet enabling you to do squats, push ups, planks and a ton of other muscle toning exercises.

I took the class ready for a good workout, but at the same time a little nervous because I’ve been out of shape for awhile.  I’m just now getting back into the game and this workout definitely kicked my butt!  Which I needed, no pain no gain, right?

Because there were more people than TRX straps we switched off with one other person which actually worked out perfectly.  When we weren’t doing TRX we were doing crunches, sit ups and planks on the floor.  A hard workout just in itself.

Cecelia, our instructor, started us off pretty easy on the TRX.  We did some warm up moves and then got into the good stuff, lots of squats and arm work.  It was the last move that really got me.  We had to hold a plank while our shoes were strapped into the straps.  This was SO hard!  I tried, but I couldn’t hold it.  My stomach kept drooping down too letting my lower back sink which is a big no no.  Afterwards, Cecelia told me that I really need to work on my core in order to strengthen my lower back.  I’ve been taking her advice ever since.

Hands down TRX is an intense work out and for those really serious about getting into shape.  That being said, there were all levels in the class so the important thing is just to get started.  I would love to take another class at some point!

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