Aqua Ease

stretching, water class, health spa, health retreat

The weather during Hydro-Fit week was perfect pool weather.  Since I’ve been working out more than usual lately I needed to do something about stretching out my muscles which have gotten a little tight.  Instead of the traditional stretch class (which I love by the way), I decided to go with Aqua Ease which is basically a stretch class in the water.

Actually the pool is the perfect place to stretch because the water is so soothing and the buoyancy helps out.  We used the floating noodles to keep us afloat while we stretched out our hamstrings, arms and back.   I often forget how important stretching really is to our bodies.  I find that when I work out a lot my muscles get really tight and I really felt them loosen up over the course of this class.

Craig Stuart is the creator of Hydro-Fit and is at the Ranch during Hydro-Fit Water Weeks.  Aqua ease and the other water classes are still provided every week in addition to Water Week.

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