Pool Pilates

pool pilates, pool fitness, water class, health retreat, health spa

Want to feel the burn in your abs?  Then Pool Pilates may be your answer.  I actually found this class to be a better workout for my abs than normal mat pilates (have never done the reformer version of pilates).  The water creates more of a resistance to the movements than just being on land.  Did I mention that it was a really hot day and that the pool felt amazing!!

We started out in the deep end with the floating noodles keeping us afloat.  First we pushed the noodles down into the water keeper our arms straight and then lifting our legs up and then back down.  Not easy!  After doing a bunch reps, my stomach was already sore.  It was a good start to the class and we hadn’t even hit the hard part yet.

We migrated down to the shallow end, our floating noodles in tow along with some floating dumbbells.  The dumbbells were as light as a feather so I was a little confused on how this was going to work.  Well, I soon found out that we weren’t going to lift them, but rather use them to do crunches in the pool.  It’s kind of hard to describe in words and I’m sure we looked a little silly doing it, but what a way to get your abs in shape!

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