Hydro-Fit Water Week

hydro-fit, hydro fit, water classes, water aerobics, core workout ab workout, health retreat, health spa

hydro-fit, hydro fit, water classes, water aerobics, core workout ab workout, health retreat, health spa

It’s Hydro-Fit Week here at the Ranch and we couldn’t ask for better weather to motivate us to get in the pool.  I was a Hydro-Fit newbie this week in the Deep Water Training class.   I put on my ankle floaters and my web gloves, got in the pool and wondered what the heck was next.

The class was packed, the sun was shining and the water was warm.  Craig started the music and we got going with the warm ups.  Since I used to swim competitively, I thought this would be easy, no problem.  However Hydro-Fit is a totally different beast.  The ankle floaters make it difficult to keep your feet down so you really have to use your core to keep your feet from floating up.  Since my core is not the strongest at the moment, it was a difficult workout in that sense.  At the same time you’re moving your arms around and doing moves like you’re on an elliptical machine and doing under water crunches.  Not easy!  Despite this being a hard class though, it was a super fun time.

Craig Stuart was our instructor and he is also the creator and director of Hydro-Fit.  Actually one of the things I loved most about the class was having Craig as our teacher.  First of all, he is hilarious which great for keeping your mind off of the workout.  At the same time he was very motivating and really pushed us to get a good workout in.  If you have a chance to come to the Ranch during Hydro-Fit Water Week with Craig Stuart, I highly recommend it.

Although this workout is difficult, the class is for all levels.  This was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and I survived!  Actually I would love to take it again because it’s such a great core workout.  The day after the class, I really felt like my abs were sore.  I’m not much of a fan of doing crunches.  However doing a workout like this is much more appealing to me mainly because you’re getting a full body workout in addition to a focus on your abs.  Plus, it’s great being in the water on a sunny summer day.

You can learn more about Craig and Hydro-Fit at hydrofit.com.  Rancho La Puerta will be having Craig back the week of September 15th for another round of Hydro-Fit Water Week.

2 thoughts on “Hydro-Fit Water Week

  1. Every week we have Hydro-Fit trained instructors teaching the classes, so you don’t have to wait for a Specialty Week to experience great water workouts.

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