Conscious Dance Week

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It was Conscious Dancer Week at the Ranch and I had the chance to meet some really amazing people from a movement that is entirely new to me.  I had never heard of conscious dance before and truly it is a whole new world.   It’s all about letting the inner you shine and not being afraid to be yourself.  I used to take dance when I was younger, but I have never taken classes like these.   A whole new experience!

First I attended the class Conscious Dancer: Dancer of Life.  The class was taught by Kimberly Miguel Mullen who specializes in Afro Brazilian Dance.  She also was given the honor of “Best Dace DVD 2009” by Health Magazine for her DVD, “Dance and Be Fit:  Brazilian Body”.

I really didn’t know what to expect having never done anything like this before, but the class was full and everyone seemed excited to get started.  She started out by explaining what kind of dance we were going to do that day which was a masculine dance inspired by the Nigeria god, Yoruba.  Yoruba is the god of iron and is a warrior for peace.  This actually really played out in the dance.  We danced like we were warriors which was an interesting sight since we were all women.  The class was a blast and Kim did a wonderful job in bringing out our inner warriors.

The second class I took was Conscious Dancer: Dance and Yoga class by Hemalayaa. Hemalayaa is a dancer and yogini who has done numerous fitness and dance DVDs.  She has appeared on the Today Show and on the Ellen Degeneres Show as well as retreats and festivals all over the world.

This class was very different than Kim’s class because there were no dance steps.  We were free to move around any way we liked with Hemalayaa leading the way.  She showed us how to rid ourselves of negative energy through dance and physical expression.   What’s funny is that in the beginning of the class many of us seemed very hesitant about letting go, however by the end of the class it was like we were all old friends and completely comfortable.

Aspen Madrone of Conscious Dancer Magazine was also there to teach us newbies all about conscious dance as well as other dance instructors Rana Satori and Valerie Chafograck.  All in all it was a very eye opening and fun experience!

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